Ecumen’s financial disclosure page includes our audited financial statements and our IRS 990 form. By accessing this financial information, readers acknowledge that:

The information speaks only as of the date or dates indicated therein.

Ecumen has not undertaken or assumed any duty and is not obligated to update the information.

The information has not been updated since the date or dates indicated therein and will not be updated unless such updated information is posted on this Web site.

The affairs of Ecumen may have changed since the date or dates indicated in the information.

Past financial results do not predict future financial performance.

No offering of securities or solicitation of an offer to buy securities is intended by Ecumen due to the posting of the information on this Web site.

And the information may be out of date or incomplete for certain purposes, and the reader will not rely on the information in making a current decision to purchase, sell or hold or to recommend the purchase, sale or holding of any securities of, or issued for the benefit of, Ecumen.

Download: Ecumen 2018 and 2017 Consolidated Financial Statements

Download: Ecumen 2017 990 (Public Disclosure Copy)

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